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Download Operator's Manuals

operator's Manuals

manuals for our products are kept available online for download.


All the information you need to operate and maintain your Vacmaster product—downloadable for your convenience. To find the operator's manual for your product, just select the product model number below.

If have any questions, about your warranty please visit our Warranty Information page.


1.5 gallon - 4 gallon

VH105  |  1.5g wall mountable wet/dry vac

VJ205  |  2.5g wet/dry vac

VJ206F & VJ206H  |  2.5g wet/dry vac

VOM205P  |  2.5g wet/dry vac

VP205  |  2.5g wet/dry vac

VHB305M  |  3.2g wall mountable wet/dry vac

VHB307WM  |  3.2g wall mountable wet/dry vac

MVOA407s  |  4g stainless wet/dry vac

VF408  |  4g wet/dry vac

VF409  |  4g wet/dry vac

VF408 1101  |  4g wet/dry vac

VOA407S  |  4g stainless wet/dry vac

VQ407S  |  4g wet/dry vac

VQ407S-A  |  4g wet/dry vac

5 gallon - 8 gallon

VJc507p  |  5g wet/dry vac

VOC507pf  |  5g wet/dry vac

VOC507S  |  5g stainless wet/dry vac

VOC507S 1001  |  5g camo stainless wet/dry vac

VWM510  |  5g wall mountable wet/dry vac

VWMb508 0101  |  5g wall mountable wet/dry vac

VJc607pf  |  6g wet/dry vac

VQ607SFD  |  6g stainless wet/dry vac

VBV809PF  |  8g wet/dry vac w/detachable blower

VJc809pf  |  8g wet/dry vac

VOC809pf  |  8g wet/dry vac

VQ810SWD  |  8g wet/dry vac

10 gallon - 12 gallon

VBVA1010PF  |  10g wet/dry vac w/detachable blower

VBV1210  |  12g wet/dry vac w/detachable blower

VJC1210PF 0201  |  12g wet/dry vac

VOC1210pf  |  12g wet/dry vac

beast & pro wet/dry

4 gallon - 6 gallon

DVTB204 0201 |  4g 20v wet/dry vac

VF410P  |  4g jobsite wet/dry vac

VFB511B 0201  |  5g jobsite wet/dry vac  |  beast

VJF608PF 0201  |  6g wet/dry vac

VJF912PF 0201  |  6g wet/dry vac

VK809PIWR  |  8g wet/dry/shampoo vac

12 gallon - 16 gallon

VJC1210PF  |  12g wet/dry vac

VJH1211PF 0201  |  12g wet/dry vac  |  beast

VJH1211PF 0203  |  12g wet/dry vac  |  beast

VBV1412P  |  14g wet/dry vac w/detachable blower

VJC1412PWT 0201  |  14g wet/dry vac

Vje1412sw 0201  |  14g stainless wet/dry vac  |  beast

VJC1612PF 0201  |  16g wet/dry vac

VJH1612PF 0201  |  16g wet/dry vac  |  beast

industrial & hepa


VK1011SIWTH  |  10g wet/dry hepa vac

VK811PH  |  8g wet/dry hepa vac


VK1611SIWDT  |  16g wet/dry vac

floor care

Canister vacs

CC0101  |  bagless canister vac

robot vacs

C12  |  robot vac

V12  |  robot vac

Stick vacs

VSB1801NA  |  18v swivel-stick vac 

VSD1801  |  18v swivel-stick vac

vsg2101  |  21.6v super stick vac

vsh01  |  corded stick vac

upright vacs

UC0101  |  bagless upright vac

Armor all


AA12V1  |  12V handheld car vac

AA155  |  1.5g wet/dry vac

AA255  |  2.5g wet/dry vac

AA255W  |  2.5g wet/dry vac w/caddy

VOM205P 0901  |  2.5g wall mountable wet/dry vac


AA10BP  |  10-inch orbital polisher

AA6BP  |  6-inch orbital polisher w/handle

AA6BP2  |  6-inch orbital polisher


AA20BW  |  20v handheld blower



EAT606S  |  5.8g ash vac

EATC608S  |  6g ash vac

VK809PIWR  |  8g wet/dry/shampoo vac

VZA306P 1101  |  3g Dry vac

air movers

AM201 0101  |  portable air mover


PE401  |  wet/dry vac water pump accessory

We're in the process of updating all printed manuals for upcoming production schedules. If you find a discrepancy between the manual and the website (for example, the Exploded View and Parts List page), please use the information on the website.