6 of the Highest Rated Wet/Dry Vacs on Amazon

You’re in the market for a new vacuum and don’t know where to begin. With so many types and brands to choose from, it can get overwhelming figuring out which brand is best. We’ve all been there.

So, you’re probably looking for some validation from those who have been through the pains of buying a faulty machine as well as the highs of buying just the right one—reliable, practical, not too loud and easy to use. We’ve taken the guess work out and pulled the top rated vacs on Amazon.

Below, check out the six wet/dry vacs with the most four star and above reviews—no bias, no bull. Just honest feedback from your fellow consumers.

1. Vacmaster 12 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum w/ Detachable Blower

An “Amazon’s Choice” product, our 12-gallon wet/dry vac with detachable blower is loved for its versatility and high performance. With nearly 1,000 customer reviews, many customers have found that the comfortable price point draws them in but the suction power and ease of use is what has made them fall in love with the brand.

“Strong, super quiet with the attached muffler, great attachments and blower is fantastic. I have been renovating the heck out of my home the last 8 or so months. I purchased this because of the price alone. Figured, if I was going to be abusing it to the level that I have, I wouldn't be out a massive amount of money if I ruined it. Well, this thing is incredible. It is easy to empty, easy to use, quieter than any shop vac I have ever used, easy to roll around, and the filter blows out easy too…"

2. Vacmaster 12-Gallon BEAST Professional Series Wet/Dry Vacuum

This option is great for both household and professional use—but it’s definitely ideal for those working on job sites daily or for people getting their hands dirty on a regular basis. Dealing with dry wall after knocking down walls? Have a workshop in the backyard that you visit every weekend? This option is your new staple for easy cleanup of your biggest messes.

“After arrival, the unit took less than 10 minutes to assemble. (Only a Phillips-head screwdriver is required, to attach the four castors). In terms of suction power, this thing is indeed a "beast" ... I used it on a large rug and the nozzle got stuck, on occasion! As I'm asthmatic, I'm sure this will ensure that any dust, pollen, etc. is pulled out of my rugs. I now need to buy some more disposable bags and will also investigate a HEPA filter.”

3. Shop Vac 5-Gallon 4.5 Peak

Reviewers appreciated the horsepower and easy cleanup of this vac along with its versatility and assembly.

“Amazing solution for pesky pet fur! I am the crazy dog lady who will take in abandoned, unwanted dogs. As a result I have a houseful of fur babies with furballs hiding under every piece of furniture and more wafting thru the air. (I have dog proof vinyl floors.) I went thru multiple vacuum cleaners which refused to pick up the worst hair balls or clogged and lost suction; even the best. Why did no one tell me to get a shop vac???? Amazing suction power. Sucks up every bit of fur, plus the leaves, dirt and pine straw they track inside. Rolls around like a dream. With a long extension cord I can do multiple rooms easy as pie.”

To stick with Vacmaster, checkout the Vacmaster BEAST 5-gallon portable wet/dry vac

4. Armor All 2.5 Gallon, 2 Peak HP

Highly reviewed for its size to fit in small spaces, quick pet hair cleanup and powerful suction. Also highly praised for the cost, performance and quietness.

Great car vacuum. Ok, I doubt anybody likes to vacuum out their car. Before getting this product I would go downtown to one of those car wash places and poke an endless supply of quarters into a bulky commercial vacuum cleaner. This has never been a pleasant experience since the car wash vacuum cleaners always seem to come with large barely-flexible, cumbersome hoses equipped with an over-wide nozzle ill-suited to clean the hard-to-reach places in your car. And they (don't) suck! Taking the house vacuum into the yard isn't an option - it just isn't designed for this. The Armor All vacuum is incredibly light weight and generates an impressive amount of suction. It comes with a wide assortment of attachments and it does a great job. It works as a wet/dry cleaner. There's no collection bag - only a small cloth bag/filter that covers the motor intake to prevent sand from ruining the engine.”

Don’t waste precious garage space— this one mounts to the wall AND is also perfect for car cleaning. Sorry we couldn’t help it.

5. Craftsman 6 Gallon, 3 Peak HP

Consumers loved its durability and long-lasting power. Based on reviews this vac is perfect for cleaning up saw dust, pet hair and the biggest of household messes.

“Best Thing for Timothy Hay! This shop vac is a LIFE SAVER! Absolutely changed my life! I have a guinea pig that I love, but the timothy hay gets EVERYWHERE and sticks to carpet. I've tried several good quality vacuums such as Shark and Dyson, all of which cannot handle hay. They are not bad products at all — They are amazing, but they are not built to suck up long, tough strands of hay. Enter this shop vac. It is amazing how much hay it can get in one swipe. The suction is actually strong enough to get stuck on the carpet. I have been dealing with so many clogged vacuums for the last 6 years because of this awful hay and it turns out, there was a simple solution to my problem…”

6. Vacmaster 5-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac

Perfect for cleaning up accidental dishwasher floods, blowing leaves or cleaning up all the other “oh crap” messes around the house, this versatile wet/dry vac is lightweight, mobile and has best in class quiet suction power.

“Great for cleaning sediment from water heaters. This Vacmaster was able to vacuum out about a half–pound of sediment — which is like a nasty mix of wet sand, tiny rocks & petroleum jelly — out of my water heater. That was enough to make it so my water heater is working like it's brand–new, which is saying a lot given it was struggling to function before. After that, I decided to use the Vacmaster to 'lightly' vacuum my mother's old carpet where the dog bed and a litter box are…Much to my surprise, when I opened the Vacmaster, it not only had the surface stuff, it also had a lot of super–fine dirt I hadn't expected it to be able to get…”

Still need help finding the right vac for you? Check out our FAQs and other blog posts for more info on the best wet/dry vac for your needs! 

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