The holidays are approaching faster than you can say, “master this mess.” Get a head start on holiday shopping, with this guide to the perfect vac for everyone on your list. No need to overthink it, practical and problem solving—a vac is just the gift that will keep giving. From the green thumb in your family to the friend who just bought a home, gift them a useful gift with the click of a button.

For the DIYer – Know someone who has a penchant for household projects? A Vacmaster BEAST 16-gallon wet/dry vac will be their new go-to tool for projects every season. It can take on the biggest messes and will cut clean-up time in half so they can get on to their next project faster.

For the Pet Lover – Sometimes our beloved pets come with unexpected messes. The Vacmaster BEAST 5-gallon wet/dry vac will tackle anything from pet hair to pet messes.

For the Outdoors Type – Know someone who loves to spend their time outdoors getting their hands dirty? Buy them the Vacmaster Wet/Dry Vac with detachable blower and help them tackle more yard work, faster than ever. The detachable blower will likely be their favorite part, allowing them to go from sucking water out of the gutters to blowing leaves off their precious deck in less than five seconds.

For the Car Junkie – Whether this person is constantly detailing their ride or working on fixing up new projects, help make more time for more cars and add a Vacmaster Wall Mountable Wet/Dry Garage Vac to their workspace. It mounts on the wall to save real estate and the convenient remote control allows for quicker work in small sapces.

For the Host with the Most – We all have that one friend, who hosts the best parties all year long—get them a Vacmaster 4-gallon wet/dry vac, small enough to store easily but powerful enough to clean up the whole mess after guests have gone home.

Still stuck on the best gift? Let us know on Facebook and we’ll give you our best suggestions!

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